Our Philosophy

Blayney Preschool is committed to high quality care and early childhood education for all children. We provide a secure child-focused environment that encourages engaging learning to build upon the children’s knowledge, culture, skills and interests. We work with families and staff to ensure every child and family feels a sense of belonging to our preschool and community. We abide by the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics, and are guided by the principles and practices outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

We believe in our philosophy, which is:


Children learn through play, it’s what they do.


Children need a flexible play-based curriculum for their different learning styles


We aim to create a sense of belonging where children can develop self confidence, and feel valued and connected to others.


A happy, fun, exciting, hands-on, stimulating, and challenging learning environment provides opportunities for children to discover and express ideas.


We create a warm atmosphere for children to be respected, nurtured, and valued so that they can recognise their uniqueness and potential.

Active Involvement

Children are competent and resourceful learners who actively contribute to their learning of independence and self-help skills.


Our program is inclusive of all cultures and children, including the support of children who have additional needs.

Family Relationships

We develop a relationship of mutual respect , trust and empathy with families to promote children’s wellbeing through open, honest, and respectful communication.


Each educator brings fundamental personal qualities to the learning environment, such as empathy, respect, warmth and a passion for learning.

Professional Development

Our learning is evolving all the time through staff reflection, trading and reading. We have continual professional development to keep up to date


We provide opportunities for an appreciation of the natural environment, and aim to promote children’s understanding and responsibility towards a sustainable future.


We are part of the wider community, and we aim to engage and build strong partnerships with local organisations, schools, people, and places within our town.

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